Info for Schools

HomeworkHub provides the parents of your students with skills based guidance to enable them to help their child with homework.

The guidance includes an explanation of the skill the child needs to complete the homework, what the teacher will be looking for when marking the homework based on the ‘Assessing Pupils Progress’ criteria and some real marked homework example answers.

So why should you invest in HomeworkHub?

Here are 5 key reasons:


To encourage parental engagement with children’s education

Many parents struggle to understand what their child is studying and find it very difficult to help them. By giving parents a better understanding of what their child is learning they will be much more inclined to get involved with their child’s education.


To improve grades

Many children find homework very stressful when they are struggling with it. If their parents are unable to help, this stress can worsen and could have a knock on effect on their overall grades. By giving parents the tools they need to better support their child with homework some children could see a dramatic change in their grades.


To improve standards of homework

If parents understand what the teacher will be looking for when marking their child’s homework, they can help their child to focus on the objectives of the task and ensure that the homework is completed correctly.


To relieve some pressure from your teachers

Teacher’s schedules are always very busy. If parents have the knowledge to help their child at home if they are struggling, this could relieve some pressure from the teachers at your school outisde of class time.


Parents own knowledge from school can confuse matters

Some parents may try and help their child using teaching methods that they learnt with at school. These methods may not be used in teaching any more and could confuse the child even more. HomeworkHub can help parents to understand how subjects are being taught today.