Info for Parents

HomeworkHub is a free resource for parents to use to help them assist their children with homework.
For many parents it has been a considerable amount of time since they have been at school themselves and since then, modules, topics, curriculum and teaching methods have changed significantly. This can make it very difficult for them to have a good enough understanding of their child’s homework to be able to help them.
HomeworkHub is here to give you the support you need to better support your child with their homework. Helping your child with their education at home can be very beneficial in many different ways:


  • If your child is struggling it can be very stressful if little help is available. Gaining your help and understanding could help keep their stress levels down.
  • Having extra help at home could help your child achieve better academically.
  • Doing homework with your child is the perfect activity to spend quality time and bond together
  • You can get more involved with your child’s education. Know what they are studying, help them to learn, and maybe even learn a little yourself!

How to use HomeworkHub

In order to use HomeworkHub, your child’s school must be registered to the service.

If your child’s school has signed up to HomeworkHub already, you should have received a unique code allowing you to sign up and start using the service. If you have your unique code, click the Parent Sign Up button below.

If you know your child’s school has signed up but you have not received your unique code to sign up with, please click here

If you know you child’s school is not registered for this service, click the 'Get My School Involved' button below to tell them you would like them to register.